Manage Building Codes With a Smile on Your Face

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Manage Building Codes With a Smile on Your Face

How to Manage Building Codes With a Smile on Your Face


Whether you’re an engineer, architect, foreman or other AEC industry professional, it’s not always easy to manage building codes and work with them. And it’s particularly difficult to get to know a particular code inside and out.


Local codes are lengthy and often contain over 1000 pages of in-depth information. So knowing whether a means of egress can be shared by two buildings, or whether you can install a power outlet behind a shower wall requires thorough knowledge of different codes and years of experience. With such elaborate regulations, it can be a struggle to properly manage your local building codes and all other aspects of your job.


Managing Building Codes is not an easy feat


But even if you do have a good understanding of your local building code, making sure your job site and future buildings are up to code is no easy task. You have to know the latest applicable code, which may be different from the latest code published by the International Code Council (e.g. the IBC 2015). At the same time, the ICC often updates its codes (often in 3-year intervals). That means that some of the knowledge you have now about a code may be redundant in a few years.


In addition, many construction companies have projects in different localities. These localities might have different versions of the same Code and this is particularly an issue when you go to another state. For instance, your Florida Building Code expert might not know everything about Georgia’s construction codes or vice versa.


Make sure you get a solution that works for you


For some, this may be a struggle. For others, not so much. But it’s clear that managing building codes is an extra task, that comes on top of our other responsibilities and distractions we have to deal with every day. There are people to speak to, meetings to attend, new plans to implement, and much more. This daily stress comes on top of the fact that you have to keep an eye out for your project’s code compliance.


So how do you manage it all? Maybe you prefer relying on that one colleague who knows your local building code inside out. Or perhaps you regularly use specific building code references that help you navigate the waters.


But still, is that a smart idea?


Why not rely on a solution that multiple people in your team have access to? A software that can provide you with straight answers for the questions you have about your local building code?


GoFetchCode offers a complete search solution for building codes. Our software allows you to search your local building code easily and effectively. No longer do you have to rely on browsing the latest (paper!) version of a building code to find what you’re looking for. Simply log in, type in your search query and find the answer to your building code-related question.


Try our free 7-day trial to see if GoFetchCode is for you. Or read some articles from our blog here:


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The GoFetchCode software currently features multiple versions of the Florida Building Code. If you’re interested in your local building code, please indicate this in our registration form. We are working hard every day to make sure GoFetchCode features Building Codes from all different states.


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