7 Top Time Management Tips for Architects

7 Top Time Management Tips for Architects

One of the great pioneers of architecture, Le Corbusier, defined architecture according to these lines: ‘To create architecture is to put in order. Put what in order? Function and objects’.
Well, some call it a visual art or shaping buildings but for some others, ‘it’s a deep passion’!


But many of us are probably not aware of the tiring and long working hours of these creative and skillful creatures. The all-night work sessions to finish submissions is the story of work-life of architects.


This blog piece addresses some of the challenges faced by architects during a project. Along with discussing some real life professional challenges, this write-up provides some easy tips on time management for Architects.


Many architects are self-employed and work day and night. They just can’t turn down work – either it’s weekend or any late night project submissions. This is just not a career for them but a lifestyle, or better to say a hectic lifestyle!


They are drawing sketches, visiting sites, consulting the International Building Code, and monitoring construction work as per designs and much more!


Working 70 hours a week is something very common for them. They can’t spend time with family and have no time for other social stuff too.


Multitasking, never ending demands of the clients and heavy workflow is the routine. These sort of challenges and serious concerns highlight the priority of realizing, understanding and creating a work-life balance in their lives


Some amongst you might be a fan of Juhani Pallasmaa’s book, The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and Senses. This classical piece has inspired many architects to understand the beauty of this profession. This book narrates the philosophy of working with your heart and soul.


Well, putting heart and soul together can bring wonders! But time? Time is the biggest asset, Folks!


So, how to create a balance? If you’ve realized the importance of this question, then we are sure you must be eager to look for the answer as well!


To prioritize assignments and managing workloads is really essential in any job. In fact, it’s a great thing to practice to gain excellence.


And in case, any perfectionist out there is reading this article, then you better know how easy it is to be carried away with designs and whole creative process.


But the good news is- there are few easy habits to adopt so as to increase your productivity at work.


It’s okay to have serious work deadlines but then life has some other sides too! What’s the healthy way of balancing your creative schedule?


A personal time management plan is something that can save you from unnecessary distractions. All you have to ensure is executing that plan honestly. This way you can work efficiently and save your time!


So, let’s discuss some good habits with which you can get your job done on time.


Manage workflow with the help of some tools


A user-friendly software like WorkflowMax helps you managing your projects. With this integrated cloud-based business software, you can manage all your jobs easily.


Many creative agencies, engineers, lawyers, surveyors are already using WorkflowMax to manage their projects remotely.


If your team members are working in different locations then you can monitor their work with the help of this software. This is a transparent way of tracking the development of projects as well.


You can assign tasks to your team, schedule deadlines and can know the current status of your projects.


Some features of this software include job tracking, project and client management, document management, invoicing & billing, 24×7 email support, time tracking and much more. Know more about the features of this software.


Seems easy to manage work now?


Take a serious vow to stay proactive


This is the key to success! This is one of the highly effective habits of the most productive people. It also helps you in many aspects of life, indeed.


Being proactive can help you stay more focused and it also increases your work efficiency. You don’t react when you get overloaded with the tasks.


You get some goals to achieve for a specific project within a given deadline. You can track the development of the project in a transparent way, indeed.


Being proactive motivates you to set goals and pushing your best positively to achieve them.


You become more responsible when you stay proactive and also manage your time more effectively.


Keep a time tracking tool


With a time tracking tool, you can manage multiple projects. You can track the time spent on a particular project which helps you improving your productivity as well.


Time tracking tools are a great way to manage workflow and prioritizing the tasks. You can create timesheets and can evaluate the development of a project within a specified given timeline.


Through these tools, you can track the activities of your employees working on different projects. Also, your employees stay accountable to your clients which is an excellent way to build business rapport with your clients.


Avoid distractions


This is how you can take control of your time and day!


Avoiding distractions in your work helps you staying more focused.

But how to avoid these distractions?


The best solution is staying attentive while planning your day and work. The small, frequent interruptions during your projects can turn you negative and could be a major reason for your stress.


But the irony is, you have absolutely no clue about such distractions.


The small distractions from some external annoyances such as loud telephonic conversations in open office workspaces.


Also, the frequent distraction from your mobile phone can also affect your productivity level. Checking email, chat and Facebook notifications constantly on your phone can really kill your time.


So, you need to develop some healthy work habits to keep such distractions away. The best way of doing is: turning off all such notifications, keeping your mobile phone on voicemail or better turn it off, if it’s possible.


Develop a habit of checking your emails twice in a day. You can check emails once in the morning time and again somewhere around 4 or 5 PM in the evening.


We understand that email is a great way to connect and considered as an excellent communication tool. But you should avoid reacting to emails and sending revert to emails within your work.


You can fix a specific time to answer all your emails to limit distractions.


Set expectations with the clients first


Being transparent with your clients helps you building positive business rapport.


And the best way to begin with this is: setting realistic project deadlines with your clients.


The project management software discussed in the very first point of this blog piece helps you tracking the development of your project.


By keeping a track on the latest developments of your project, you can aim towards the completion of the project within the committed deadline.


Choose monotasking over multitasking


In the words of Publilius Syrus, ‘To do two things at once is to do neither’.


Don’t engage yourself into multitasking as it might distract you. Make a ‘list of things which you want to do first.


Prioritize your tasks and decide on which assignment/ task you want to work on first. Once you decide on it, shut everything else out.


If any interruption comes in, remind yourself that you have decided to finish this task first.

Let’s understand it scientifically.


Do you know that human mind is designed to do one thing at one time? There is nothing like multitasking! When you talk about multitasking, you are just shifting your focus from one task to another. It really takes a lot of time to do two or more things simultaneously.


Multitasking is a distraction! We all are living in a digital era. And at times, technology is a great distraction as well.

That’s why monotasking is a good habit than multitasking.


And here comes the best tip in the last


Plan your whole week in advance


Time is one of the greatest assets like money and it’s also a limited resource. The way you manage your time is a major reason behind your achievements in your life.


There are 24 hours in a day and it totally depends on you how you utilize the 24 hours of a day!


You need to plan your whole week according to the priority of your to-do list. Be specific with the things which you want to do in the whole week.


This is a great way of keeping a track of your weekly achievements related to your project.


We know that creativity is deeply rooted in an architect’s lifestyle. But, it’s equally important not to be carried away by this skill.


In fact, it’s good to create a work-life balance. Disciplined, focused routines and well-planned work schedules can lead to a great success!


So, the takeaway is: realizing the important of managing your time effectively and then everything else will fall into place.


You just have to adopt some good working habits and the positive execution of a personal time management plan will help you overcoming frequent distractions. With the help of this time management plan, you can meet all your project deadlines.

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